It’s not news that cats have conquered the internet. So here at Take It or Leave It we kept trying to put off featuring these fascinating felines, but they seem to be once again on the cusp of breaking out to become Blue Chip Kitties.

So it was time. We had to do it. Everything is coming up Cool Cats!

Due to their popularity and price points, they can not really be considered an undiscovered gem, which is what we normally like to sleuth out for our snarky readers.

However, they were the second biggest movers this week with a 5.48% increase in floor price, being beaten out only slightly by Pudgy Penguins More importantly, the analytics dashboards show them being consistently on an upward trend in sales, volume, and floor price for the entire month. (02/27/23)

Simultaneously while the cats were climbing up the charts, we were reading up on a short but sweet analysis from the famous a16z VC firm that looked into the Cool Cats launch data as well as a basket of 150 additional projects on OpenSea to see what mint (primary sales) price and wallet caps correlated with a project’s long term success.

Turns out, both the a16z data and the story of Cool Cats demonstrates that most successful projects just do things differently.

While some of these differences are unique to the project or time, many can be replicated.

So consider this post the ultimate playbook on how to launch a high performing NFT project (in terms of returns) 

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