Cecily Robyn Lough has a high tech focused MBA and twenty years of global business experience helping launch start ups and developer eco-systems. Her career can best be summarized as someone who loves to source new ideas and develop partnerships that generate revenue and product growth.

Most recently she has been working on launching NFT marketplaces, including one that was in the process of tokenizing real life assets (similar to WAX), one that was selling art/PFP NFTs (an OpenSea white label), as well as one that was launching branded NFT communities in the metaverse.

She wrote the white and "lite" papers for these clients, as well as thought creatively and strategically about potential token models and ways to generate revenue.

BB (before blockchain) she helped a Chinese company launch in the USA, created and hosted the most popular Chat Bot Builder (Engineering) Meet Up in the SF Bay Area, and envisioned, managed, and sold an iOS/Android app for charter airplane bookings (think Uber for airplanes).

She has had a specific interest and focus on bringing entirely new technologies, business models, and marketing campaigns to life.

In her downtime she likes to challenge herself to mountaineer, kite foil, and learn foreign languages. Keeping up with crypto and helping start a blockchain based digital assets revolution are her latest passions.

"I would love to continue to push forward the idea of letting communities build better bonds through NFTs. This is why I started Take It or Leave It NFT Club"