Take It or Leave It NFT is an independent publication recently launched by the Take It or Leave It NFT Club.  Each newsletter highlights one NFT project based on fundamentals, with a humble artistic opinion thrown in. Short, sweet, and saving you thousands of hours of research! Whether you love it or hate it, take it or leave it, we promise that you will be entertained!

If you sign up today as a VIP Founding Member you will also get access to all of the content plus everything we can dream up - FOREVER.  This includes expert analysis, education, entertainment, and invites to all of our events. Plus undying gratitude for being an early supporter!

There is no better time to jump in and start to understand why digital art on the blockchain offers authenticity, ownership, and rarity - and what might drive the price. We promise to educate and entertain you about both the beautiful and the beastly - and then you can take it or leave it. Yay or nay. Yes or meh. You decide!

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